"The Wild Farewell"

And raindrops fell blue dust and rain
Darkwalking alleyways and jive
Double-timing every tomorrow
Like a swan let me sing and die
O woman wide-eyed and yearning
Free and precious in men's eyes
A deck of cards done took you for easy winnings
Flying thru the alleyways at dawn

And satisfied in soul and in diamonds
Into the wind the sails take hold
And not in need of care nor navigation
The stars they do shine in her eyes
The crowded room fall back into shadow
In moonbeams and glitter she does go
The streetlight alone there on the corner
The sidewalks make the block and beyond

And when the sun has set, where are we?
In vain, strike the chords in vain
Cast me out upon stormy waters
Where ships by thousands met a watery grave
O streetlight do not bear upon me
My heart in thy vision do not find
Thy burning street like moonlight on the water
like a careless and wild farewell

words and music by ron franklin
dyin' crapshooter music