Ron Franklin's Dream

Photo By Jacqueline Ouanes

"Ron Franklin's Dream"

thru the trees little birdie on the wire
hearts and minds and love letters in the fire
come on back my baby
my cru-elle lazy daisy
into the chev-ro-let and we gone

she got company comin' over and it's almost like a nuisance
hide them allman brother records display the stooges
and dark side of the moon
quick, they be here soon
better yet, barkin' at the moon

sitting on the steps
a tear in the eye
sitting on the steps
you can make it if you try
same old story
handed down to me
sitting on the steps a-cryin'
in 19 and 63

with television in her heart and her heart outside the rain
and the wind in her sails she's the captain of tulane
the moon in her eyes
stars all by her side
make a break for atlantic city

is this a constellation of circumstances or just a game of chance?
i'll meet you after the flood
after the dance
down in the alley
ain't no laffy-taffy
hi-ho silver and away

words and music by ron franklin
dyin' crapshooter music