"Miss Cape Canaveral"

Dirt and the river
Falls from my silver
Swampblades give notice to it all
No word from necktie clockers
When I was off my rocker
When thru the mind is simply all and all
Good heavens lonesome hobo squall
Can't you hear me when I call
And, in silver, my eyes
Pierce thru water and sky
The atmosphere is here to unravel
Aw, sayonara Miss Cape Canaveral

Silver bank of moonlight
Descend from valley
Thunderblast from prairies and time
Trumpets and violins
Medals and colored ribbons
With barrier there to pass on by
With this what shall faze me
The song the gypsy gave me
A-one, a-two, a trinity
Laugh into infinity
Ten thousand miles from rocks and gravel
Aw, sayonara Miss Cape Canaveral

With dischord setting in
A round to my friends
A rocket 88 to the void
To that deep wonder-bar
To dance beyond the stars
Dream upon dream upon pain upon joy
My flash on your horizon
To hear thyself an atom in a cloud
And in silver my eyes
To dance beyond the sky
Into the starstuff less traveled
Aw, sayonara Miss Cape Canaveral

words and music by ron franklin
dyin' crapshooter music

Photo By Ebet Roberts