It's All Over But The Cryin

Photo By Jacqueline Ouanes

"It's All Over But The Cryin"

Horses in the valley
Pitchfork on the run
The Mayor's in the alley
He singing 'bout some
Diamonds on the highway
A diamond in her mind
She tried on diamonds 'til she went blind
She blew her mind
Vamping for time
Fire next time
And I feel fine

And by then
It's all over but the cryin'

You must have heard everything
You musn't love a wild thing
Then in front of a couple three
She stripped on down to Absurdity
Absurdity, what do it mean?
Can we not do this stylishly?

And by then
It's all over but the cryin'

The old time circus massacree done left you
feeling vapid
Right outside of Kankakee with a girl
From Cedar Rapids

A briefcase full of comic books
Up on capitol hill
Calling love and death and war and peace
And good times what you will
And the bad boy of charm school
Had rumble on the brain
A rumble here and a rumble there and it always sounds the same
And the Queen of Clubs agrees with him when you put the question to her
Your silly notions of rhythm and blues
I'm afraid they just don't do'er

And by then
It's all over but the cryin'

words and music by ron franklin
dyin' crapshooter music